Vice-President : Marie-Zoé Belon-Laitinen - Interview

Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much - Get to know more about CCFF.

The Communication Department of CCFF had an exclusive interview with Marie-Zoé Belon- Laitinen, Vice-President of CCFF, Business consultant and Business development director at Seasons HR Management Oy.

In today's competitive business world, owning a business isn't enough; we need to collaborate  with other business minded individuals for business success to be progressive.

The Chamber of Commerce France and Finland (CCFF) is a platform where this objective can be easily achieved. Just like they say: ''competition makes us faster, collaboration makes us better.'' Here's an interview with the Vice-president of CCFF - Marie Zoe Belon-Laitinen who has 26 years of expertise in relations between France and Finland and is also a headhunter.


What is the French-Finnish chamber of commerce all about?

It is a chamber of commerce that gathers expertise around France and Finland trade through expert members by providing support to companies which are either experimenting or looking for growth in one or the other market or even more globally. This means that CCFF will act as a toolbox or a safety net to such companies.

CCFF is an independent and non-lucrative association, though fully integrated to both Export and Invest Governmental Teams in France and Finland; it is a major advantage that allows CCFF to be at the closest to high level decision makers, politicians, and major trade operators.


Explain to the public the mission of CCFF.

CCFF’s missions: to assist the French-Finnish business community and to support French and Finnish companies desiring to do business in France or Finland.

To accomplish this mission, regular hybrid events are organized around practical subjects for the community to learn, and this usually takes place during business lunches, breakfasts/after work gatherings, webinars, fun events that are often linked with food and drink tasting such as galette des rois, Bastille Day, Itsenäsyyspäivää, Joulu, Juhannus, and others.



How does CCFF work?

It has dedicated board members who are CEOs, partners, board specialists, and entrepreneurs. This team is supplemented by other individuals who revolve around this board, that allows the CCFF to bring in a full package of know-how, support and assistance for the manifestation of the objectives throughout that year.


This Chamber of Commerce also has proactive partners that are willing to bring specific expertise to any industry you can think of. The association in Finland works in close collaboration with the one in France but as independent associations that are totally interlaced (maximum support are offered by both networks depending on the location and need).

CCFF is represented geographically in Finland by ambassadors who are found in Helsinki, Lahti, Tampere, Rauma, Pori and Rovaniemi. CCFF being part of CCI France International Network, implies that, it has a vast international network that allows members to be sure to get support as Finns or French exploring any international market.

CCI International: 1st network of French companies (32000 members), along with 113 other Chambers in 83 countries.


What does it take to become a member of CCFF and why is it important?

Any interested businessperson, entrepreneur, association, or company can become a member. There is no age limit requirement, and membership is very affordable for young adults.

CCFF is unique because the more members, the better they become, and the more business is generated. This means that more impact can be envisaged in the future as members of the European Union.

For contact details and more information about becoming a member, visit our website: (Helsinki activities) or (Paris activities), our board members and ambassadors will be excited to hear from you.


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