Crack the Code for Better Business, Webinar by Nordic Strategic Consulting

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Keskiviikko 17 Maaliskuu 2021 - 4:00

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Putting light on the cultural differences between French and Finns


With our business world going virtual, the distances between people are eliminated. Still the cultural  differences are very present.

You are a Finn working or doing business in France or abroad, you are French working in a Finnish company, you are  dealing with Finns at work …this webinar is for you.


You will enjoy taking away concrete keys to create business opportunities or/and to improve   cooperation and business result between French & Finns.

There are gaps between cultures. When you reduce these gaps, you build trust for business   success.

Time  March 18th, 2021 10.00  am (Finland), 09.00 am (France)

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