CHECKFIN our new Premium Member

Get acquainted with CHECKFIN our new Premium Member at the French-Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Helsinki.


What can Checkfin do for your Company

Checkfin helps with Finnish statutory requirements by training and consulting.

We act as an interpreter between the companies and the authorities. We make the statutory requirements practical and easy to understand for everybody.


Our special expertise is focused on the requirements of the Finnish authorities in the construction industry and in the requirements for foreign companies and the use of foreign workforce.


As pioneers, we have introduced the most common requirements to be studied through online training. We also provide training in webinar and live formats. Trainings are a great tool in the fight against grey economy and for ensuring that companies know how to operate in Finland.


In Practice

  • We can act as a representative for posted workers while employees are working in Finland. Foreign companies who send their employees to Finland must appoint a representative who will be available to both posted workers and the Finnish authorities, throughout the period of the posting, in Finland.
  • We offer consulting in Finnish and English on the following topics:
    • Finnish Liability Act
    • Foreign and posted workers in Finland
    • Responsibilities and obligations of companies operating in the construction industry and in areas considered construction, in Finland
    • Finnish tax number
    • Employee- and contracts reporting to the Finnish tax administration
    • General practices in the construction industry in Finland
  • We provide trainings in online, webinar and live format


CheckFin online training selection:

  1. Responsibilities and obligations in construction industry in Finland (Finnish, English)
  2. How to check and verify foreign employees` right to work in Finland (Finnish)
  3. Contractor's obligations and liability in practical terms (Finnish, English)
  4. How to check and verify Liability act documents (Finnish)
  5. How to check and verify Liability act documents of a non-Finnish company (Finnish)


Get to know the Finnish statutory requirements with Checkfin!  

Find out more from their blog and the glossary on their website.


Checkfin team Marianja, Maarit & Marika


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