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Le French Breakfast Event in Tampere June 3, 2022

Dear Members,

We held Le French Breakfast in Tampere on the 3rd June.

Our focus this time was on renewable energies.

We were lucky to hear the stories of 2 great leaders and their experiences of doing business in France and in Finland.

Mia Kauhanen, CEO of Polarmatic shared with us how she is changing the concrete industry in reducing the emissions by 100% during the production of concrete!

Eva Wissenz, managing director of Solar Fire Concentration, who shared with us how she has brought solar solutions to enable populations to cook and bake in the most remote areas and areas of crisis but also in France!

They were most inspiring!

We would like to thank our participants for sharing so genuinely and giving their support in a most generous way!

I am sorry to say that the exchanges were so engaging that I forgot to take pictures to share with you so I guess you'll have to join us next time to understand the community we are building here in Tampere to get your business together to the French market!

To benefit fully from our support here in Tampere but also in France, become a member of the CCFF! Contact me if you would like to know more.


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