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Looking back to webinar Gear up your business by debugging communication

We just carried out our September interactive webinar organized by CCFF and Nordic Strategic Consulting with David Szymanski as a speaker!

We exchanged during 60mn on the ways to Gear up your business by debugging communication

The tone of the webinar was very interactive as David navigated between storytelling and real business cases to illustrate the concepts.

In few words: as the map is not the territory, everyone makes her/his own representation of the reality. Not knowing the map of others leads to ineffective communication, poor result, and even possible conflict. Let’s fix this!

David concretely shared with the audience:

  • the mechanisms behind effective communication
  • the need to synchronize and match the others before conducting a change, leading a negotiation, or resolving a conflict

More than 60 participants registered with a large variety of business profiles and the feedback from the participants was very enthusiastic!

If you missed it, or want to review it, you can see the recorded version by clicking the following link:

Recording of the webinar

To Conclude: effective Communication is the foundation of success. You want your salesforce to improve their negotiation skills, you want to gain leadership or improve your team communication and spirit, you want your collaborator to gain charisma…

At Nordic Strategic consulting, we are available and happy to help you further. Please contact us at info(@)nordicstrategicconsulting.com or visit us at www.nordicstrategicconsulting.com.



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