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Webinar Leader for a Sustainable Future

We have just concluded the last webinar organized by CCFF and Nordic Strategic Consulting with David Szymanski as a speaker!

We exchanged during 60mn in an interactive webinar on the ways a leader for a sustainable future need to be an intuitive leader.

David walked us first through the definition of intuition (from Latin, Intuito means to look inside), then we explored the way to really change our leadership for a sustainable future. Last, we listened to concrete ways to connect with our own superpower.

We were asked in the webinar if we thought we were living today in a sustainable present, the answers showed that we don’t. (picture 1)

Today is the future of yesterday. We recalled that 20 years ago, we were already looking for a sustainable future...where did it go?

There is a law of universe that says: “The more we do of the same thing, the more we get the same result”.

We ought to change something. But What?

David explained that “As leaders, we are responsible to step aside regularly from the business rush, to grow presence and create a place of patience to develop our intuition. Doing so, we would take our people and companies to the next step and to greater sustainable performances.

Our true sustainable future is in the hands of the leaders of today, only if we reconnect and train our natural intuition.”

The feedbacks of the participants were positives. (picture 2)

If you missed it, or want to review it, you can see the recorded version on the following link:


This webinar was an introduction of a fascinating topic. The participants had interesting business questions, and we were happy to address them. We are, at Nordic Strategic consulting, available and happy to further help you develop leadership skills and intuition. You may contact us at info(@)nordicstrategicconsulting.com or visit us at www.nordicstrategicconsulting.com.


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