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Webinar 'Crack the code for better business between Finns and French'

It is a wrap the last webinar organized by CCFF and Nordic Strategic Consulting with David Szymanski as a speaker!

We exchanged during 60mn in an interactive webinar on the ways to Crack the code for better business between Finns and French.

More than 90 participants registered with profile ranging from CEOs to Sales Directors, from Executive Owners to Students, from Developers to Consultants, from HR to Self-Entrepreneurs…

More than 60 companies represented, from large corporations to Law firms, from industrial companies to start-ups, from Wine magazines to Gaming industry, from universities to food industries …

The feedbacks of the participants were very enthusiastic! Here under a sample:

Thank you, brilliant, very good presentation and nice interacting tools.

This kind of event is very fruitful, I wish to see as a round table concept soon, maybe after corona disaster

Thank you very much for the presentation, very interesting! Everyone should have this basic knowledge when working in a multi-cultural environment. It’s not an option!

Leading people and business with the common goal to generate profit is not enough to ensure great result. Bridging cultural gaps often make the difference!

If you missed it, or want to review it,  you can see the recorded version on the following link:


This webinar was just an introduction of a large topic. The participants had interesting business questions, and we were happy to give away few keys. We are, at Nordic Strategic consulting, available and happy to further help you succeed in your real-life business case. Please contact us at info(@)nordicstrategicconsulting.com or visit us at www.nordicstrategicconsulting.com.


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