Report on the 2nd French Business Breakfast in Turku in 2022

Last October 5th, the CCFF have been invited by the Turku WTC to present its services and moreover its expertise in the approach of the French market. The CCFF was represented by its vice-chairman, Marie-Zoé Belon-Laitinen.

This has been a real success, on this second edition of the French breakfast in Turku.

With the support of Panu Routila and Lari Lempinen a full pallet of advice, tips, and strategy of development in the French market has been exposed to the participants who all left with the conviction that France is a great next-door destination for export. We wish to thank them both for their fruitful and inspiring speeches.

In the flow of discussions, the three of them mentioned the importance of speaking French and knowing the French culture. Moreover, the best way to succeed in France is to have a specialist who knows the ways in the specifics industry or activity sector you are into. Sometime things are not as difficult as they seem, you just need to know how to handle them the proper way.

Panu Routila, who has a wide experience in dealing with French people in France as a Finn living in France but also as a senior executive businessman, told us quite rich and extraordinary stories enhancing the impact of intercultural differences. He added that even you know all the best practices, the language, and the culture, having French partners involved in your expansion is the guarantee of success in the country.

Lari Lempinen has emphasized the fact that one needs to have a certain flexibility when dealing with France but after all it is not that very difficult and should not scare the Finnish companies off. “Nowadays, even the Americans understood that, why should not the Finns give it a try.” Said Lari in a laugh. Moreover, to highlight his points even further, he mentioned the presence of the biggest hub of startups in the world situated in Paris and reminded us of the future Olympic games taking place in the French capital in 2024!

Marie-Zoé Belon-Laitinen recommend any of the companies who is interested in France to come forward and explore the possibilities with the French-Finnish Chamber of Commerce.

At the CCFF, we are a dedicated group of volunteers who are here to support you in your development! Do not forget that our association is part of CCI International, a French network that is counting 32 000 members, in 113 chambers spread in 83 countries all over the world.

Thank you very much to the organizers, the speakers, and to all participants! Merci beaucoup !

Turku WTC

Turku Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

Heidi Saaristo, Senior Advisor Internationalization at Turku Science Park Ltd

Olli Mankonen, Growth Advisor at Turku Science Park Ltd

Panu Routila, Chairman of the Board at Patria

Lari Lempinen, Manager, Global Markets, Event Success at Lyyti,

Marie-Zoé Belon-Laitinen, International project director/coordinator/developer - Vice-Chairman at CCFF France/Finland - Business development manager at Seasons HR Management Oy


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